What is Spunlace nonwoven fabric?


Spunlace nonwoven fabric is a material created by hydroentanglement. This process involves entangling loose fibers with high-pressure water jets to effectively interlink the fibers. It is commonly used in automotive applications, as this process results in spunlace nonwoven fabric having excellent moldability, particularly in headliner, pillar, and handle pull out areas.

Our spunlace nonwoven fabrics are available with a wide range of characteristics such as cross lapped, parallel lapped, embossed, aperture, and printed. Cross lapped spunlace nonwoven fabric offers unidirectional strength, whereas parallel spunlace offers superior strength in the machine direction and excellent elongation in the cross direction. Fibers such as polyester, viscose, woodpulp, cellulose, bamboo, and cotton are commonly used to manufacture spunlace nonwoven fabrics.

Other Characteristics of Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric:

  • Soft hand

  • Excellent drapability

  • High strength

  • Excellent moldability

  • Absorbent

Nolar Industries offers spunlace nonwoven fabric in various weights, widths, and colors.