Nonwoven Markets - Geotextiles


Nolar’s nonwoven geotextiles are used for the purposes of filtration, separation, drainage, and protection. We have various filtration pore opening sizes, thereby enabling our material to permit the flow of liquids, while preventing the passage of soil particles. These materials act as a separation barrier by preventing the mixing of coarse and fine soil materials in different sub-grades, effectively reducing structural deterioration.

Our geotextile materials are made from 100% spunbonded polypropylene, 100% needlepunched polypropylene, and 100% spunbonded polyester. All of our products are offered in a range of weights and sizes to meet your requirements.  We also have various material treatments available, including UV-stabilization for long term exposure to sunlight in outdoor applications.

Applications in Civil Engineering

  • Roadway construction

  • Railway construction

  • Bank Protection

  • Erosion control for dams, bridges, and tunnels

Applications in Agriculture

  • Soil stabilization/erosion control

  • Crop cover

  • Weed control fabrics

  • Seed blanket

  • Landscaping