What is Spunbond Polyester?


Spunbond Polyester are manufactured by bonding together extruded spun filaments of polyester to create a consistent web of material. Spunbond polyester can be produced using endless filaments of fiber or polyester flakes. It is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications as this process makes spunbond polyester exceptionally strong and gives it a very uniform fiber distribution.

Our spunbond polyester nonwoven fabric is a high-performance material, with low shrinkage. It has a good heat resistance, as well as high tensile strength, and dimensional stability. Due to these characteristics, spunbond polyester is commonly used for automotive and filtration applications, as well as carrier sheets, coating, and lamination.

Other characteristics of spunbond polyester include:

  • Stable elongation in the machine direction and cross direction

  • Good moldability

  • Durable

  • Good permeability

  • Polyester flakes are recycled from plastic bottles

Nolar Industries offers flat bonded and point bonded Spunbond Polyester in a variety of weights, widths, and colors.

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